Reclaim Your HistoryA 5-Day Crash Course To Discover The TRUTH About The African Origins of Ancient Egypt(For Those Who Were Lied to By Their High School History Teacher)

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Discover the 5 lies about African History still being told to this dayLearn from the 5 revolutionary Black scholars who revealed the truth Uncover the eyewitness testimonies of the Ancient GreeksFind out how the anthropological, linguistic and archaeological evidence proves the Pharaohs were AfricanKnow the next 3 books to read to understand your true origin

Everything you need to know about the African origins of Egypt, so you can share our real history with future generations

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Day 1: The African Origins of Ancient Egypt: 5 Myths Destroyed and 5 Scholars Who Revealed the TruthDay 2: Debunking Eurocentric Biases and Unmasking Hidden AgendasDay 3: Skeletons & Genes: The Anthropological Evidence Supporting Ancient Egypt's African OriginsDay 4: Deciphering the Past: How Linguistics and Archaeology Prove Ancient Egypt's African RootsDay 5: 3 Books That Helped Me to Connect With My Ancient Ancestors

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